Virtual Play Readings

Two virtual play readings with the Rondo Theatre Company
For anyone who is suffering from a lack of performance in their life - Yvonne is arranging two nights of play readings this Autumn:
Wednesday 11th November, 7.30pm: The Full Monty
Thursday 26th November, 7.30pm: The Play That Goes Wrong 
The intention is to have fun with these two fantastic comedies - no pre-rehearsing - just getting together via Zoom to have a read through of the script. The Full Monty is Simon Beaufoy's stage adaptation of his BAFTA award-winning film, which contains all of the highlights from the film plus added extras (there's more for the female roles in the stage version). And you can leave more than your hat on in the read through - it's the safest way of getting involved in The Full MontyThe Play That Goes Wrong is the West End smash hit farce which has spawned several spin-offs. A lot of the comedy is to be found in the stage directions, which become a role in themselves in this play...
Let Yvonne know which play you are interested in (or both) at She will try to cast everyone who wants to be involved - if we are awash with talent then certain roles may switch actors at the interval. You would also be welcome just to join the group to listen - please let Yvonne know and she'll send you the Zoom details. \
Hope to see you then!

AGM - Chair Report

Rondo Theatre Company AGM. 18.10.2020.

This will probably be the shortest chair report in the history of the RTC. But what a crazy year it has been. We are fortunate that our finances are well managed so we are not at any immediate risk of disappearing. We managed to produce one show, the others this year being put on hold momentarily.

In November 2019, The Hound off the Baskervilles was performed, directed by our own Louise Wallace who did a fantastic job bringing the Conan-Doyle classic to life and was supported by a great cast and crew. We had two very good reviews for this show, earning star ratings. We made a profit of £2000 and some of this was put to a new relay system to be used by the Rondo Theatre, linking the tech box, Stage Manager’s corner and the dressing room. These were put in place by Luke Emmett and Peter Boddy, so our thanks to them both for their technical work.
We also owe our thanks to the amazing Chrissy Fryers for her skill and eye for detail, costuming The Hound of the Baskervilles. As always, her skills and the costumes provided made the show look fantastic.

4000 Miles directed by Alana and myself, Macbeth, to be directed by Matt and myself and The Deep Blue Sea, to be directed by Andy Fletcher have been put on hold for the moment, hopefully to be performed next year.

4000 Miles was ready to go but for lockdown being imposed the week of the performance. Macbeth has been cast and we had our first reading earlier this year with some online excerpts made to break the monotony of lockdown. These are on the RTC Facebook page if anybody wants a little giggle. The Deep Blue Sea was due to start auditioning early in the year.

As the government changes the rules imposed around lockdown and as the theatre itself comes back to life, we will get information out as we can but hopefully next year we will be able to run shows fairly normally.

The Theatre
The Rondo Theatre earlier this year put out a call for emergency donations to maintain its ability to function. As a committee we agreed to donate £1000 To help the GoFundMe campaign reach its target of £15,000, which has now been achieved.

Unfortunately, we will be losing two of our committee. Both Louise and Luke have served the committee well in various capacities through the years and we will be very sorry to see them go. It was partly due to Louise that I came onto the RTC committee and through her guidance that I was able to debut my first show as a director so for that I will always be grateful. And Luke’s technical expertise and industry knowledge has been life saving on many an occasion. So thank you both for your time and efforts, they have been immensely appreciated and I would hug you both but social distancing.

At this moment in time, we will not be looking for new committee members to fill the gaps until we are in a position to function properly again.

So for now, let’s hope the arts industry returns to some sense of normality in the coming months and we are able to start putting some quality shows back on.


A big thank you to everybody that joined us via Zoom for our AGM. 

 Stay well, stay healthy and hopefully see you all soon!