Macbeth Charity Donation

Our Summer charity production of Macbeth was a huge success with excellent, appreciative, audiences.  All this means that we are able to make a sizeable donation to this years nominated charity - Marie Curie - of: £1,945.20 !!!

Thank you so much to all who came and supported us - it has helped raise money for a very worthy cause.

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When We Dead Awaken & Figures on a Ground

Some of the RTC team are involved in a brand new adaptation, by Jeremy Gibson, of Ibsen's last play, 'When We Dead Awaken' at the Rondo Theatre.  It would be great to have an audience, so if you're free on 9-10 September, do please come along - details are below...

Fri 9th September 2022 - Sat 10th September 2022

By Henrik Ibsen & Jeremy Gibson

Presented by made-for-the-stage

Tickets: £12 Concs: £10



The first performances of a double-bill of linked plays on the theme of lost loves.

A new version of Ibsen’s last (and little known) play, When We Dead Awaken, created by Jeremy Gibson, is followed by his own new play Figures on a Ground which echoes the themes and characters of Ibsen’s play in a modern setting.

A sculptor meets – quite by chance – a lost love of his youth and they begin to rekindle their passion... a poet sits in his garden remembering his lost love and ‘conjures’ her up to re-visit their past... but will either of these encounters lead to ‘awakenings’?

"A remarkable piece of work" On Jeremy Gibson's The Songs I Had