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Bath Drama

Bath Drama's

Return to Wonderland

on this week!

at the Rondo Theatre
7.30pm 14-17 January and 2.30pm 17 &18 January 2015

Follow Alice back through the Looking Glass, and reencounter her childhood self and her familiar friends in the crazy upside-down world of Wonderland.
Revisit the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and the Walrus and the Carpenter’s picnic. Is there still jam tomorrow, or will the Caterpillar eat it all? Will the White Rabbit get there on time, and can anyone find the White Queen’s daughter?

This brand new family show uses comedy, music, dance and spectacular costumes to bring a seasonal message of peace and reconciliation. Adult Alice is bruised by her experience as a VAD nurse in World War I, but the healing magic of Wonderland brings her back to herself in a story which balances serious themes and sheer entertainment with a lightness of touch that will appeal to all.

Written by Alison Farina
Original Music by Moray Macdonald
Directed by Charlotte Howard



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