It's a busy time ahead so get that diary out and book your tickets!

Our autumn show is fast approaching, with six weeks of rehearsal to go until Still Life, the Noel Coward play that the film Brief Encounter is based on, is on at the Rondo.

It's looking great so get those tickets early to avoid disappointment:

If six weeks is too long to wait for your next theatre fix here's lots of exciting news from our friends...


What are RTC's friends up to?

Last chance tonight!

Bath Drama's run of Enchanted April comes to a close tonight and if you've not been this is your last chance to head down to the Rondo and catch up.

It is 1922. Two middle class English ladies decide  to rent a castle in Italy, to escape the winter gloom and husbands who are neglecting them.

Unable to find the full cost, they advertise for two other, very different ladies to join them. One is a young socialite and the other a dowager with an interesting past. Sparks follow!

The ladies fall under the spell of their sun-drenched surroundings and discover laughter and new truths about themselves. They find the romance they need, though perhaps not the romance that they, or we, expect them to find.



Doubling up...

Playing Up and Platform 8 have got your entertainment sorted from 4th - 7th November.

The 39 Steps

Rondo Theatre

Enjoy the thrilling adventures of the handsome and heroic Richard Hannnay, who, complete with British stiff-upper-lip, obligatory pencil moustache and a dash of derring-do, encounters dastardly murders, double-crossing secret agents, beautiful women and an evil mastermind as he tries to solve the mystery of what, exactly, are The 39 Steps?

This wonderfully inventive and gripping comedy thriller features just four actors who play 139 roles in 100 minutes of fast-paced fun and thrilling action. The play won the Olivier Award and the What’s On Stage Award for Best Comedy in 2007.

A joyous version of the Hitchcock classic Sunday Times


Humble Boy

Mission Theatre

Following the sudden death of his father James, Felix Humble returns to his family home where he discovers his overbearing mother is immediately seeking to remarry, and has already cleared the house of all her husband’s belongings, including his much loved bees. Felix, an astro-physicist with the mind of a genius develops a stutter and regresses as soon as he goes near his domineering mother.

Many mysteries unfold in this sad, but funny play and the theme of socially impaired relationships extends in one way or another in each of the character’s lives. Platform 8 follow their sell-out production ‘Allo ‘Allo with this award-winning play