Love's Labour's Lost

This coming week at St Michael's Without, Bath

Tues 9th - Sat 13th June
Tickets £10 (£8 conc.)

In support of the RUH Cancer Care Campaign


We are very excited about this production. The beautiful new venue is a setting we are sure you'll love. Our director John Reid is certainly looking forward to this week, as we hope you are. He's given us a little taste of what's to come here:

There's so much music in the production, at times we've needed a choreographer as much as a director - especially when the young lords of Navarrre dress up as Russians and entertain the ladies with a wild dance. We struggled with this for a few rehearsals and then we had an all-out assault on it with Lindsey Peters knocking them into Muscowvite shape. Best of all, they enjoy it!

I have been rather worried that Love's Labours Lost is one of the earthiest of Shakespeare's comedies - perhaps too earthy for the church setting in which we are performing. We start with a very earthy Spring song, celebrating nature but warning of the dangers of being cuckolded?? 

The play as written ends with the Spring song and the Winter song (When Icicles hang by the Wall) but our director decided to open with this earthy Spring strong so that we would get the over-arching theme of seeing human love as part of the whole of life - not something the aristocratic young men at the heart of the comedy seem ready to take into their way of seeing things. 

For our final pageant song our designer David Wood has improvised some huge owl eyes and a very threatening beak - which we hope will send our audiences home on a merry note.

It is a very talented team of actors from Bath Drama and The Rondo Theatre Company - and they have worked together amazingly well and set themselves very high standards. I think there are some cracking performances to be seen.

John Reid

We're looking forward to seeing you there!

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