A Reminder of the Auditions for our Summer production - Emma, by Jane Austen

To be performed at the Rondo Theatre, Bath. Tuesday 28th June – Saturday 2nd July.

Please note, we expect to include a matinee performance on Saturday 2nd

Audition dates; Wednesday 20 January at 7.30pm and Sunday 24 January at 2pm.

Both at the Bath Drama hut, Vane St, Bath. BA2 4DY.

Please visit www.bathdrama.com for directions.

Director, Louise Wallace.

To view the script, visit www.playscripts.com and search for Emma, adapted by Jon Jory.

For further information, please contact Louise. Email: louisewallace@btinternet.com .

Telephone 01225 335897 or 07828 192395.


Also... Bath Drama's 'Three Of A Kind' Auditions...

Three new short plays for Bath Drama.Rondo Theatre. Bath. April 13th -16th April.

Audition dates: Thursday 21st January @ 7.30Sunday 24th January @ 10.30 & Monday 25th January @ 7.30

all in the Drama Hut, Vane Street . Bath. BA2 4DY Visit www.bathdrama.com for directions to the Hut.

Script writing is alive and kicking in the South West!Come and discover for yourselves at the auditons for our Spring Show ofthree new short plays from three established writers.

'Baggage' by Nicolas Ridley

dir: Carolyn Csonka

The last morning together . Or is it? Has Hilary and Simon's holiday in Greecebeen a 'holiday romance' or is it something serious? They couldn't be moredifferent . Simon teaches English abroad, Hilary a high powered businesswoman...a finishes/ a completer. Having finished a realtionship in England isher time with Simon also 'complete'. The moment has come to bare their soulsand unload their emotional baggage. But Simon still has an important questionwhich Hilary has been oddly reluctant to answer.A romantic comedy.

Characters:Simon: An easy going EFL teacher....30 -40.Lerios: Hotel manager with a crush on Hilary. 45 – 60Hilary: A smart business executive with a belief in angels. 25 – 40

'Getting to Yes' by Stephanie Weston

dir: Colin Barnes

Meg, Tania and Henry are working happily as government assassins – buttimes change and their line manager insists that their special powers ofpersuasion would be better used in the field of Drama Based Training. However.not everyone has theatrical talents...an alternative solution needs to be found.A wicked comedy.

Characters.Meg, Tania and Henry ...three reluctant trainees...any age above 20.Lisa their Line Manager...Young, dynamic and bossy.

'The Good Neighbour' by Brian Coyle

dir: Sue Sedgwick

In a society where nothing is private and no one knows who to trust this unsettling drama brings the fear of being watched, judged and condemned up close. It could be anywhere in the modern world. It could be in your home street. Jane is visitng Caroline, whom she does not like or trust but who may have the answers she needs to the disappearance of her husband. But Jane has somerthing Caroline wants , something unimaginably precious, and which she may have the power to take from her. They are lucky because Edward who organises the Neighbourhood Watch scheme makes time to resolve the case.

Characters: Jane: 20 -30 ….worried amd threatened..but not the victim she might appear to be. Caroline: 40 plus...noisy and manipulative, she does not hyave so much power as she thinks she has. Edward: 35 plus.....the representative of authority.

Please note acting ages are for guidance only. And please feel free to auditon for multiple parts.

If you would like more information, wish to preview a script or are interested but can't make the auditions then please get in contact and we will help you.....colinbarnes00@gmail.com