AUDITION NOTICE: Dick Whittington

Our friends at Bath Drama' are doing a traditional panto, written and directed by Gill Morrell, with songs, dance, slapstick, spectacle, villainy, romance, puppetry and a storm!

Auditions for Bath Drama's 2017 Panto are going to take place on:

Sunday 17th July 2 - 5pm and Monday 18th July, 7.30 - 9pm. at the Bath Drama Hut, Vane St. Bath. (https://goo.gl/maps/oBVWaEeJcaG2)

Performances from January 11th - 15th 2017 at The Rondo


Dick Whittington, the hero - young, handsome and idealistic, M or 'principal boy' F

Alice Fitzwarren, the heroine - young, pretty, feisty and a good singer, F

Dame Sarah, the shop manageress, M

Alderman Fitzwarren, Alice's father, wealthy but impractical, M

Idle Jack, lazy and likeable, hopelessly in love with Alice, M

King Rat, the villain - evil and devious, any age, M

Fairy Bowbell, the good fairy, speaks in bad verse, any age, F

Captain Cod'n'Chips, a lascivious sailor, M

Mate Salt'n'Vinegar, helpful but dim, M or F

Sultan of Morocco, cruel and dramatic, M

Tiddles the cat - non-speaking but lots of mime, probably an under-16, M or F

Two or more Ratlets - non-speaking but lots of mime, under 16 M or F

Townspeople, Harem dancers, Sultan's guards (lots of doubling possible), M and F

Rehearsals will start in mid-October, Sundays from 2 - 7pm and one evening a week (to be decided)