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Audition Notice

RTC Spring Production 2015

'Love, Love, Love' by Mike Bartlett

Director: Lisa Thrower

Audition dates

Thursday 20th November - 7:30pm - The Studio at The Natural Theatre Company (bottom of Widcombe Hill)

Sunday 23rd November - 3:30pm - Verhoeff Training Offices, Kingsmead Square. Opposite Sillcox, Son & Wickes - press the buzzer for entry.

Please note: There is no need to attend both auditions. If we need to see specific people together we will organise a call-back.

Performance dates

25th - 28th March 2015
Rondo Theatre, Larkhall, Bath

About the play

Love, Love, Love is a very funny and acerbic take on the Baby Boomer generation by outstanding British playwright Mike Bartlett. It won the TMA Best New Play Award in 2011.

It's 1967, the Summer of Love. 19 year old students Kenneth and Sandra know the world is changing and they want some of it. Smoking, drinking, affectionate and irresponsible, the play follows their journey from that halcyon summer through forty years of marriage and family, suburban routine, increasingly resentful children and indulgent retirement.

The play is written for five actors and should provide lots of opportunities for them to stretch themselves, as four will have to play the characters at different stages of their lives (with the help of costume, hair and make up!). Therefore, while there are suggested playing ages below, they are very broad and very flexible. Casting will depend on combinations that work together.

Audition pieces are linked to below. Please note that these are just a guide to help you get a sense of the play and the characters. There is no expectation that actors come prepared.


Sandra (19 when we meet her, 63 by the end) - in the first scene, Sandra ditches Henry for his younger brother Kenneth, while Henry is out getting chips. Which sums her up. Sexy, confident and single minded, Sandra knows what she wants and tends to get it. This a large and wide-ranging role for an actor between 35 to 45.

Kenneth (19 when we meet him, 63 by the end) - Ken has grand ideas and high minded ideals. While he never quite changes the world, he does alright for himself, thank you very much. Clever and gentle, but flawed, Kenneth is another large and wide ranging role for someone 35 to 45.

Henry (24 when we meet him) - Henry is Ken's older brother, trying to make his way in the world. Living in London and gainfully employed, the swinging 60s haven't quite swung for him yet and he comes to regret having Ken as a lodger. This is a smaller but important role for an actor aged 20 to 35.

Rose (15 when we meet her, 37 by the end) - Rose is Ken and Sandra's older child. A studious and contained violinist, she has little in common with her father and nothing in common with her mother. And she resents them both. This is a sizeable and challenging role for an actor aged 25 to 35.

Jamie (13 when we meet him, 35 by the end) - Jamie is Ken and Sandra's younger child. A talented boy who develops into a troubled adult. This is another challenging role for an actor aged 20 to 35.

Audition Pieces

Available on the website here: Audition Pieces

Please note that these auditions DO NOT not take place at the Drama Hut. If you're not sure about how to get to your chosen location please call Lisa Thrower on 07738964094.