Our friends at Bath Drama are auditioning for the fabulously dark comedy - 'Loot' by Joe Orton

Audition Details...

Bath Drama’s autumn show will be the dark farce ‘Loot’ by Joe Orton to be directed by James Dennis.

Auditions will be on Thursday 3rd and Wednesday 9th May, both sessions starting at 7.30pm at the Bath Drama Hut.

Show week will be the w/c 7th October, with performances on the 10th – 13th October 2018

'Loot' satirises the Roman Catholic church, social attitudes to life and death, relationships, and the integrity of the police force, and has potential for a fantastic piece of ensemble work.



Female. Playing age: 40’s. A Catholic nurse employed to care for Mrs McLeavy, who died before the play. Typical Femme Fatale, who will do anything for money. Persistent and seductive, she has been through seven husbands, all dying violently and in suspicious circumstances...


Male. Playing age: late 50’s/early 60’s. Honest, naïve, respectable, and a devout Catholic. A self-proclaimed good man, he insists that his wife was precious to him, but he has devoted most of his attention to his roses...


Male. Playing age: 20’s/early 30’s. The only child of the McLeavy’s. A common thief with few morals.  Charming, but is constantly worried about committing some unforgivable sin. He is sexually promiscuous and a criminal...


Male. Playing age: 20’s/early 30’s. A lady’s man, and Hal’s partner. Undertaker’s assistant, shrewd and adept. He is sexually loose and has impregnated five young women while also being in a relationship with Hal...


Male. Playing age: any age but needs presence. A police inspector, flamboyant and sneaky. He has a skewed sense of morality and makes bold assumptions.


Any age, any gender. Corrupt police officer.

If you have any further questions, please contact the director, James Dennis at james.dennis192@gmail.com