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by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Adapted and directed by Louise Wallace.
Performance dates 27 – 30 November.

Sherlock Holmes is asked to investigate the mysterious death of Sir Charles Baskerville and to safeguard his heir, Sir Henry. The legend of the Hound of the Baskervilles has haunted this family for generations. Too busy to take on the case himself, he sends Watson ahead to Baskerville Hall on rugged Dartmoor, where the nearby Grimpen Mire is a sure death trap – but what of the hound?

Audition dates:

Tuesday 30 April, Wednesday 1 May at 7.30.

In the function room at The George pub in Bathampton. Parking free, (please buy a drink as they let us have this space gratis and we may well be rehearsing there!!)


Sherlock Holmes. 30 – 50. Quick witted, eccentric, genius, preferably taller .

Doctor Watson. 30 – 50. Serious, good humoured, stalwart.

Sir Henry Baskerville. 25-35. A little bombastic, has lived in America and Canada, so accent required.

Dr Mortimer. 30 -40. Rural GP, friend of the late Sir Charles Baskerville

Barrymore.30 – 45. Baskerville’s butler. Has a dark beard. [real!]

Mrs Barrymore. 30 – 45. Housekeeper. Small role, could also SM/ ASM or possibly double with Mrs Lyons.

Mrs Lyons. 25 – 40. Hiding something. Dignified, defensive.

Stapleton 30 – 40. Eccentric naturalist– villain.

Miss Beryl Stapleton, 30 - 40. His sister – turns out to be his wife.

Frankland 50+. Belligerent, arrogant, litigious - to double with -
Cabman - Cockney cheekie chappie.

The main roles are Sherlock, Watson and Baskerville. All other roles are smaller so some doubling could be arranged if appropriate.

Please note age ranges are for guidance only. If you would like to audition for Sherlock, Watson or Baskerville, preparation is suggested.

If you would like an e-copy of the script, please email Louise – louisewallace@btinternet.com 
Telephone 07828 192395 / 01225 335897