Flare Path

flare path poster‘Flare Path’ by Terence Rattigan

Directed By Mike Taylor (23-26 Nov 2011)

Flare Path has all the ingredients – the tense wartime setting, the bombers flying overhead, the romantic love triangle, and the knowledge that it was actually penned in 1941, when the fate of Britain was as yet unknown. Bomber Command were the real unsung heroes: for every 100, only 24 made it to the end of a tour.

The Centenary celebrations of Rattigan this year have seen renewed interest in his plays. Flare Path deservedly having the highest profile due to the enormously successful revival in the West End.
Mike Taylor’s production has been meticulously researched to ensure that everything is right for the period – so prepare to be transported back to a weekend at the Falcon Hotel, refuge of the local RAF officers, in the dark days of 1941.