Love’s Labour’s Lost

A sparkling love comedy in which love’s labours are lost – surely not?

The King of Navarre and his friends have sworn an oath to spend three years studying and fasting, away from the society of women. But this high-minded dream of the contemplative life quickly proves to be out of touch with other realities. The dreamers have forgotten that the Princess of France and her ladies are due on a mission from her father: to keep their oath, the Princess and her entourage must be lodged outside the court – in the park. When each lord, predictably, singles out a lady to fall in love with and then tries to keep it secret – their treachery to their vows gathers momentum. But their labours of love are frustrated on every occasion by the ladies. Shakespeare’s keen, satirical look at the immaturity of the men in their wooing games remains surprisingly fresh and apposite. The aristocratic chattering classes are exposed to unexpected holiday fun – at their expense – and a few, bizarre lessons in love. But with music and song to celebrate the joys of love, the comedy does sparkle!

Tues 9th – Sat 13th June 2015

St Michael’s Without
Broad Street, BATH