RTC Auditions – The Deep Blue Sea by Terance Rattigan Socially distanced Auditions at the end of May in small groups – please register an interest by emailing Andy – see below.

Directed and produced by Andy Fletcher and Lisa Thrower

Performance dates: Wednesday 24th November to Saturday 27th November 2021

Socially distanced Auditions at the end of May in small groups – please register an interest by emailing Andy – see below.

We are delighted to say that we will be pressing ahead with The Deep Blue Sea in November at the Rondo Theatre. Rehearsals will begin in earnest in September.

Audition details
We anticipate being able to meet indoors as groups of six from the 12 May, in line with the Government’s road map. We are therefore holding a series of 45 minute auditions for 4 people at a time over the course of the last week of May. This will allow everyone who wants to audition to read for parts they are interested in, and in a safe way. To assist you, we will be sharing the audition pieces in advance to give everyone a chance to acquaint themselves with them. Because we need to make sure we have no more than 4 at any audition, we do need to ask you to book a slot. There will be three slots every evening, each lasting 45 minutes. You only need to attend one of these.

What you need to do:
If you are interested in auditioning please, please email Andy on fletcher.andy57@gmail.com or text him on 07979 531130 to express an interest in auditioning and provide your availability for the following time slots. All the auditions will take place in central Bath.
Sunday 23 May – 7pm to 7.45pm; 7.45pm to 8.30pm; 8.30pm to 9.15pm
Monday 24 May – 7pm to 7.45pm; 7.45pm to 8.30pm; 8.30pm to 9.15pm
Tuesday 25 May – 7pm to 7.45pm; 7.45pm to 8.30pm; 8.30pm to 9.15pm

Please let Andy know which times you are able to do by Thursday 13 May. Full details and audition pieces will be sent directly to you with a time slot.

There are 8 great parts for men and women of different ages, with some flexibility in playing ages, so please come and join us. You can find some brief details of the characters below.

Synopsis and characters
1952. Ladbroke Grove, West London. In a dreary flat, Hester Collyer reaches breaking point. When she is found by her neighbours in the aftermath of a failed suicide attempt, the story of her tempestuous affair with a former RAF pilot and the breakdown of her marriage to a High Court Judge begins to emerge. With it comes a portrait of need, loneliness and long repressed passion. Widely regarded as Rattigan’s semi-autobiographical masterpiece, The Deep Blue Sea is a powerful and moving play of love and loss, passion and desperation set against the backdrop of post war Britain.

Hester Collyer (playing age 35-45) – the central focus of the play, Hester has left her privileged life to embark on a passionate affair with Freddie. She is complex and full of apparent contradictions, with a veneer of strength and control masking great vulnerability. On stage pretty much throughout, this is very substantial role.

Freddie Page – (playing age (28-35) – Hester’s lover. A brilliant and decorated RAF pilot struggling to come to terms with post war life. As such, much of his conversation and demenour is still stuck in 1945. He is passionate, erratic and ultimately struggles to return the intensity of Hester’s love.

Sir William Collyer (playing age 45-60) – Hester’s husband. A renowned High Court Judge with all the mannerisms of upper middle class privilege and success. He is not a caricature though – he is wounded by Hester’s betrayal, yet wants to love and protect her. But is perhaps more in love with the respectable ideal of a dutiful wife.

Mrs Elton (playing age 35-80) – The landlady of the building which is owns with her (never seen) husband. She discovers Hester, half dead at the start of the play. She knows all there is to know about everybody, but is kind, discreet, loyal and humorous and is particularly fond of Hester. Very flexible playing age.

Mr Miller (playing age 35-55) – the ‘doctor’ hiding a secret, Miller lives in the upstairs room and attends to Hester following her attempt on her life. German born, he must have the hint of a German accent. A complex man, Miller becomes Hester’s conscience and unlikely confidante as she struggles with which life-path to choose. Retains an air of professional authority, even though he’s now slightly shabby and wounded.

Ann Welch (playing age 20s) – Lives in another flat in the building with her husband Philip. Along with Mrs Elton they discover Hester at the start of the play and unearth her scandalous secret that she is not really Mrs Page. Overprotected by her husband, she is more able and intelligent that she is perhaps given credit for.

Philip Welch (playing age 20s) – Ann’s husband who, along with her and Mrs Elton discover Hester at the outset. Later becomes Freddie’s unlikely confidante and go-between. A civil servant by profession, he tries to be the alpha male, but often gets in a panic.

Jackie Jackson (playing age 28-35) – Freddie’s friend from their RAF days who attempts to provide advice and support once the truth of Hester’s suicide attempt and the reasons behind it become clear.