Sense And Sensibility

senseSense And Sensibility – Directed by Louise Wallace and Paul Olding – December 2012

Jane Austen’s well known and much loved novel was her first published work in 1811 and follows the fortunes of two sisters – the prudent, sensible Elinor Dashwood and her emotional romantic sister, Marianne. The family is left in reduced circumstances after their father’s death, which forces their removal to a cottage in Devon. Elinor has fallen in love with the shy and honourable Edward Ferrars whilst Marianne is captivated by Willoughby’s flair and gallantry. The course of true love is not without its heartache for either and Jane Austen’s exemplary skill and wit weaves a complex and compelling path towards unexpected resolution.
Close to the spirit of the novel, this is high drama played in the careful manners and style of its time but with the perennial appeal of an exquisite love story.