About Us

The Rondo Theatre Company is the performing arm of the Rondo Trust.

We usually present several productions each year at the Rondo Theatre.

The Company dates back to 1953 when the Everyman Theatre Club met at the Octagon in Bath, the name was then changed to The Octagon Theatre Club. In 1982 the Club began performing at the newly opened Rondo Theatre in Larkhall. Its first production was Hedda Gabler, followed by a string of highly acclaimed, successful productions. Following the creation of The Rondo Trust, and the first stage of the development of the Rondo Theatre, the Company formalised its relationship with The Trust, and changed its name to The Rondo Theatre Company. It then became the Rondo’s resident community theatre group and continues to enjoy performing in this well-respected venue.

Click the links above for more information about our productions and how to get involved. You can also find us on facebook and twitter.