Auditions – Still Life


Still Life


Noel Coward

Directed by Paul Olding

Performance dates 25/11/15 to 28/11/15


Auditions to be held at:

Bath Drama Hut
Vane Street

Wednesday 20/05/15 at 19.30 Hrs
Sunday 24/05/15 at 10.30 Hrs

The Play

One of the Tonight at 8:30 series, Still Life is the play the movie Brief Encounter is based on.

In a suburban rail station, Dr Harvey removes a cinder from Laura’s eye and they fall in love. Subsequent meetings over tea, scenes debating respectability or love, and some sentimental moments transpire before they decide they must part forever. He is accepting a faraway post and she must return to a circumspect life. At their last meeting, a chattering friend swoops down and there is no chance for a final goodbye.

The auditions will be open for all. All who audition need to be aware that throughout the play there will be cigarette smoking on stage. Not all characters smoke, but if this is something about which you have issues, this play may not be for you.

I have not given the characters particular ages, unless the playing age is of importance, I prefer to keep an open mind and judge on merit. However a commonsense approach will be needed. The character descriptions that follow are Coward’s own descriptions from the script

The Characters

The Ladies

Laura Jesson

“An attractive woman. She looks exactly what she is, a pleasant ordinary married woman, rather pale, for she is not very strong, and with a definite charm of personality which comes from natural kindness, humour and reasonable conscience.”

Myrtle Bagot.

“A buxom and imposing widow. Her hair is piled high and her expression reasonably jaunty, except on those occasions when her very strong sense of refinement gets the better of her.”

Beryl Waters (playing age late teens/ early twenties)

Myrtle’s assistant. “Pretty but dimmed, not only by Myrtle’s personal effulgence, but by her firm authority”


A very small part but vital. As such not much description, “She is a fair girl, wearing a station overall.”

Dolly Messiter

Again, a fairly small part but extremely vital. Only on stage for final 5 pages. “She is a nicely dressed woman with rather a fussy manner.”

The Gentlemen

Stanley (playing age late teens/ early twenties)

Works at the station selling goods on the platforms. “He wears a seedy green uniform. He addresses Myrtle with becoming respect: Beryl, however he winks at lewdly whenever the opportunity occurs”.

Albert Goody

“He is a ticket inspector, somewhere between thirty and forty. His accent is North Country” Playing age can be extended to fifties and accent can be adapted.

Alec Harvey

A Doctor. “He wears a moustache (maybe) a mackintosh and a squash hat, and carries a small bag. His manner is decisive and unfurled.”

Young Man

A small role with very few lines but will be on stage at various points of the play as a “background” character.

Bill and Johnnie

Two soldiers who arrive in the café and proceed to give Myrtle a hard time.

It is the intention to utilise the cast members of the smaller parts as and when possible to help populate scenes, so even if the part is small, I hope to give you  maximum exposure.

I am also looking for a Stage Manager and ASM although this latter role could, possibly, be done by one of the cast in the minor roles

Sample script can be viewed HERE

Please feel free to contact the director using the form below if you have any queries, or if you would like to be considered for a role but cannot attend the audition dates.

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