Black Comedy & Heavy

Black Comedy by Peter Shaffer & Heavy by Jon Thrower 26-29 Nov 2008.

Directed by Matt Nation and Rose McEwen

blackcomedyBlack Comedy: It’s 1965 and at last, Brindsley Miller has got a grip on his chaotic existence:

If all goes well, this very night will put an end to his single, carefree, penniless artist life.  A wealthy German art collector is coming to buy some of his works.  Deeply impressed, the father of his fiancée Carol, Colonel Melkett, will give  consent to their marriage, and everybody will live happily ever after… If only…  One simple fuse is all it takes to turn Brindsley’s “night-of-his-life” into an hilarious roller-coaster nightmare. Witness the devastating power of Murphy’s Law in action  as the lights go out and the artist’s past returns with a vengeance.   High-speed farce with a twist that will be sure to delight.

IMG_0053Heavy: Office politics 1823 style (Department for Weights and Measures):

Gabriel, an over burdened clerk desperate for promotion vs. Daniel, an over qualified upstart who can’t stop boasting about his travelling experiences; Jane, a serious-minded career woman vs. Sarah, a spoilt little rich girl with a bit of a jam problem; Sir Charles, an incompetent boss with no plans to retire vs. gin, more than the recommended amount of units. When the balance finally tips how will they all measure up?  And when will that ghost of a duck reappear?