The Real Inspector Hound/The Open Couple – Double Bill

Dario Fo & Franca Rame – THE OPEN COUPLE

26 – 29 November 2014 – Rondo Theatre, Larkhall, BATH

Two one act plays and an evening of metadramatic farce for consenting adults: plays within plays – plays whose starting point is us, the audience, watching plays…

Tom Stoppard’s hilarious spoof on the classic country-house who-dunnit thriller takes on an extratheatrical dimension of spoofiness when the lives of the two theatre critics, Birdboot and Moon, observing the play that we are watching, become mortally entangled with what’s onstage. It’s theatre critics wot dunnit! Pirandello 2 Stoppard 20.

Dario Fo’s The Open Couple offers a different kind of metadramatic fun with an equally classic formula – the battle of the sexes. In a farce that openly invites the audience to polish their rolling pins, the flour dust never settles. Strongly recommended for divorcees and newly weds – and prejudiced audiences.